Modern sports hall

The 60 x 40 m sports hall in Bukovice has three tennis courts, but it is also possible to play football, volleyball, soccer or badminton. All this on a high quality TigerTurf Evo PRO surface in a combination of blue and green colors. The temperature in the hall is around 15°C.

It is possible to book a training session with a coach or even rent a tennis machine with a capacity of 150 balls, which are included in the rental fee. There are also large and small goals for football.

There is a large LED screen in the hall with a score display for matches and tournaments with projection capability. Benches are available for spectators when tournaments are held.

Entrance only after changing your shoes.


The hall can be found in Bukovice (show on map)

Volno v hale:
Dnes 20:00-21:00
Zítra 08:00-21:00

Price list

Hala (season)  360 CZK
Hala (season) Artamon member  320 CZK
Hala (off-season)  200 CZK
Hala (off-season) Artamonu member  150 CZK
Coach 300 CZK
Rental of the whole hall per day  5 000 CZK