Tennis courts

There are a total of six courts in the complex - three of them are located in the hall, two courts with artificial surface and medium-fast bounce are near the restaurant and the last one is a clay court with automatic irrigation behind the sports hall.

The artificial turf pitches are maintenance-free, so they do not need to be maintained before or after the game. In case of rain, the courts are quickly available again thanks to the base layers.

The training wall is also freely available for use on the outdoor courts.

The courts are designed for the general public, for whom a coach is available, as well as for competitive tennis players. The local section plays its regional and district competitions on them.

Price list

Hall (season)  360 CZK
Hall (sezon) Artamon member  320 CZK
Hall (off-season)  200 CZK
Hala (off-season) Artamon member  150 CZK
Coach 300 CZK
Rental of the whole hall per day  7 500 CZK
Outdoor courts 100 CZK
Outdoor courts Artamon member for free